Open Positions

Design and/or Animation apprentice

The Kingdom is Expanding and we’re searching for apprentices to join us in Berlin as we try to spread our message of motion and love across the industry.

You know how to wield a wacom pen and you’re eager to learn more together with Award Winning***** motion designers.

What to expect

  • You will get paid 500€/month*
  • Daily fencing practice**
  • Your very own throne***
  • Weekly fights for your life****
  • The duration of the internship will be discussed.
  • You will work on real projects with real clients.


As part of a small studio, you will also take part in writing emails, sending quotes, taking calls and learn how the business works. This is because our goal is to hire you, and you will have to do other things than just using your wacom.

* Yes, we pay!
** This is not true.
*** Office chairs can also be thrones?
**** There’s a really big guard dog here
***** Marcus once won the Swedish Championship in Sweden's national sport, Orientering. (**)

Does this sound like something for you?
Please contact us through the form below.

Designer & Motion Designers Freelancers

Are you a freelancer and really good at forging keyframes and crafting illustrations? Then you might be the one we are looking for!

We are constantly looking for freelancers to join us in this crazy journey we've started.
We want long lasting relationships with the people we work with. Meaning, we always pay in time, we will always be sitting in the same boat with you and we will always make sure you are feeling good about the work.
What we want in return is passion and hard work.

Wanna work with us?
Please contact us through the form below.


Please use this form to apply. If you have any questions, just click this link to get on a video call with us.

(the link leads to our, once you are on the link, we get a notification and we will come and join you for a chat as fast as we can)

What happens next?

After you press submit, your information will end up in a spreadsheet which we will go through once a week. When we see something interesting we will ask you to join us for a chat on the same link above. 

We will answer everyone, we love talking to new people and we would love to hear more about you and your plans for the future.